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    New Jersey Can Now Sell Motorcycles on Sunday!

    New Jersey motorcycle law that banned the buying and selling of motorcycles on Sundays has just been lifted. The bill that was passed on March 3rd will be beneficial to both bikers and bike sellers and companies. The idea for the bill came up when a New Jersey motorcycle company complained that they were losing business to competitors in nearby states that didn’t have a Sunday ban on motorcycle sales. “Especially in this economy, we need to give businesses the tools they need to remain competitive,” said State Senator Norcross. Raymond Bobo of R&D Motor Sports had this to say about the newly obtained freedom to buy and sell motorcycles on a Sunday, “The way the economy is now, why would they want to stop you from making money when you could possibly reel in a sale? I think it’s good to have it on Sunday, if I could make a sale on Sunday and I didn’t make one on Friday.”

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