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    iPhone Apps for Motorcyclists

    Here are a few iPhone apps that are aimed at motorcyclists. These apps were designed to entertain, to inform, and to add something to the overall experience of riding. See which are more suitable for your needs and visit the websites for more information and purchase options. Enjoy!


    Would you like to test the performance characteristics of your bike? Are you checking out a new or used bike and want to make sure the bike does what it’s supposed to? Grab the Dynolicious app and check out it’s features that include, but are not limited to:

    • 0-60 Acceleration
    • 1/4 Mile Trap Speed and Time
    • Estimated Horsepower
    • G-forces in 360°

    Greatest Road

    A GPS, review system, and journal all rolled into one is the Greatest Road iPhone App. Features include:

    • Look for great roads near you or wherever you’re headed
    • See how they’re rated by other riders
    • Read comments that tell you generally about the trip or current conditions and hazards
    • Add new stretches of road and describe the trip for others to see
    • Email a stretch to buddies with iPhones and Greatest Road
    • Email a stretch to buddies as a GPX file to load into a standalone GPS
    • Single tap to access Google Maps to help you navigate the ride

    Motorcycle Minder

    Are you organized? Do you write lists to help you remember to do things? Do you hate waiting til the last minute to get something done or even wait til it’s too late? This app is for you! Motorcycle Minder serves as a reminder to the motorcyclist what repairs, services, or mods need to be done to a certain vehicle of yours and WHEN it needs to be done. Features include:

    • Manage Multiple Vehicles
    • Display Photo for Each Vehicle
    • Manage Multiple Services for Each Vehicle
    • Repair Log for Each Vehicle
    • Track Any Mods You May Make
    • Service Intervals for Mileage and Date
    • Lights indicating services that need attention
    • Maintain Complete Service History
    • Store Notes for Each Bike, Service and Service Record
    • Miles and Kilometers Option
    • Optional Built-In Services to Help You Get Started
    • Notification when services are due soon or overdue

    iBike Rider

    The iBike Rider is not JUST an iPhone app, it also consists of accessories that will definitely add to the excitement and ease of riding! Accessories include a mic and a waterproof, wrist-mounted case. This is a great, hands-free app that allows the utilization of GPS and regular phone use that has safety as it’s main draw.


    Accufuel is an iPhone app that monitors,records, and charts all things fuel related. This is a very handy tool that might just change how and what you drive. Features include:

    • Mileage Chart
    • International Units
    • Full Fill-up History
    • Multiple Vehicles
    • Export/Import Fill-ups
    • Efficiency Chart

    If you know of any other helpful or cool apps with the motorcyclist in mind please leave a comment and I will be sure to add it to the list!

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