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    World’s Largest Motorcycle Set for 2012

    The Enchanted Highway in North Dakota is set to feature the world’s largest motorcycle sculpture by 2012. The Enchanted Highway has been the home of several large metal sculptures since 1991. The sculptures were created by Gary Greff to attract tourists and to keep his city thriving.

    After Gary Greff had created large metal renditions of birds, humans, and Theodore Roosevelt among many others, he’s now decided to do a motorcycle. The motorcycle is planned to be 102 feet from wheel to wheel and 42 feet from the ground to the handlebars.This will be the largest motorcycle sculpture in the world if it’s completed.

    Gary got the idea to create the motorcycle from the Sturgis Rally that takes place in South Dakota. The Sturgis Rally is a huge motorcycle rally that is held every year in August. Gary hopes his sculptures will help his city, keeping bikers in town for an extra day or two.



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