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    Motorcycles Allowed to Run Red Lights Under Dead Red Bill

    Have you ever been out late at night, you’re the only one on the road and you get to a red light that seems to last forever? You think to yourself, “Is this thing broken?”, “Is it not detecting my car?” “Should I just GO?!”

    That type of situation is one that has inspired the ‘Dead Red Bill’ in Kansas. The Dead Red Bill would allow motorcyclists to run a red light if it is apparent that their vehicle is not being detected by the signals sensor. This happens very often with motorcycles because of their weight and size.

    Many motorcyclists have had bad experiences with this and would love to see the bill pass. “It’s a major annoyance,” said motorcycle rider Charles Smith. “You can pull up to a turn lane at a traffic light and watch it cycle through a couple times.””It might be half a day,” said Cyclops Cycle shop owner Jim Lepisto. “Most people are not that patient, and I’m one of them.”

    The bill that has been moved to the Kansas Senate for approval will not only allow motorcycles to run red lights but also bicycles and scooters.



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