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    Motorist Accused of Updating Facebook While Striking Pedestrian

    A woman struck a man on the side of the road with her vehicle which ultimately led to the pedestrians death.

    The 70 year old man, Raymond Veloz, was on the side of the road because of a minor traffic accident with ANOTHER vehicle. This minor traffic accident was said to be caused by poor visibility because of the sun. Whether the sun played a part in the 2nd accident when Araceli Beas hit Veloz is unknown.

    Raymond Veloz was hit at 7:54 AM and died at 9:13 AM on the same day. Veloz’ daughter filed a lawsuit against Araceli, claiming that she was not paying attention and was using an electronic device while driving her vehicle which ultimately led to the death of her father.

    Also in the lawsuit is a claim that Araceli was updating her Facebook page while the accident occurred. It’s fairly easy to check Facebook records and the times that certain updates were made.


    CBS Chicago

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