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    Wyoming Bill to Allow Guns at the Workplace

    A new Wyoming bill will pin two constitutional rights against each other, the right for employers to control their property and the right to hold firearms.

    There is a safety concern for drivers in Wyoming that travel long distances to work. These drivers feel that they are safe if they have their firearm inside their car while they’re going to and from work. The bill won’t allow the firearms INSIDE the workplace but on the premises inside the employees car.

    “I really think this is a fair balance,” Krone said after the House vote. “There are folks who believe they should be able to have a firearm for personal protection. I believe that’s a right in Wyoming that needs to be honored.

    “Then again, you have the employers’ property rights, and I respect and honor that,” Krone said. “I think this is a real balance of the two of those: to allow citizens to follow the law, and allow them to have firearms for self-defense.”

    Politicians for the billfor the right to carry firearms had this to say:

    “Now, all of a sudden, people I don’t even know, are going to be able to start restricting where I can park my vehicle with a gun in it,”

    “It’s taking the position that somehow guns are bad, that somehow guns run around by themselves shooting people,” Gingery said of efforts to defeat the bill. “Guns are a good thing, guns protect you.”

    Politicians against the bill, that are advocates for private property rights had this to say:

    “As a private landowner, I can tell somebody with a bumper sticker that I find offensive to get off my property with it, and I think I can do this with a weapon too,”

    “The bill would make it impossible to enforce rules in the workplace.”

    So which constitutional right will prevail in front of the Senate?


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