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    Valentines Day Danger – Romance Behind the Wheel

    A new poll has revealed that through the duration of a year, one-third of Americans engage in ‘romantic activity’ behind the wheel.

    An poll shows that 29% of drivers have been involved romantically behind the wheel. The number increases to 39% for highly educated (Bachelors Degree or higher) and higher income drivers ( $75,000 annual income and higher).

    “Kissing your Valentine while you’re driving certainly can be fun, but it also can be dangerous,” said John Egan, managing editor of

    The InsuranceQuotes poll also indicates 93% of drivers are involved in some form of distracted driving that includes texting, calling, and even kissing.

    On the website there is a tutorial on ‘How to Kiss in the Car’, I might not fully agree with all of it but the first step is crucial!

    “Park the car. Don’t try kissing in a car until the car is in park and turned off. Skipping this step can be hazardous to your health.”


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