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Motorcycle Helmets Help Reduce Cervical Spine Injuries

A recent analysis of a national database showed that motorcycle helmets help reduce cervical spine injuries. This information may not come as a surprise but the opposition to universal helmet laws didn’t believe this info to be the truth (and probably still don’t).

There was a 22% increase in the amount of cervical spine injuries of non-helmeted riders.

“Forty years ago, nearly all states required helmets for motorcyclists of any age in the U.S.,” Crompton and colleagues observed. There are now only 20 states in which helmets are required for riders by the law.

An interesting thought from the opposition of universal helmet laws argued that a helmet actually increased the chance of cervical spine injuries because of the weight of the helmet causing an increase in the torque on the neck upon collision.

The research proved the reduction of cervical spine injuries as well as reduction in brain injury by 65% and death by 37%.

“These findings have implications for legislative policy, particularly when research is evaluated during policy debates regarding whether to repeal or implement state mandatory helmet laws,” Crompton and colleagues concluded.

Source: Med Page Today

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