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    Why Do the Elderly Drive So Poorly?

    Duje Tadin and his team of scientists have recently acquired new information that has helped us better understand why the elderly are such poor drivers.

    Elderly drivers will openly admit their disability to see pedestrians, cars, and other moving objects while they’re driving but the scientists don’t think that this is true.  The scientists believe that they still do have the ability to see these moving objects but the backdrop is what they’re focused on. Studies have shown that as we get older, non-moving objects receive more visual focus.

    Moving objects are considered and have been considered for a long time more important to us visually as opposed to non moving objects. “Evolutionarily speaking, moving objects are the most important visual features to detect quickly, because they could be your lunch or they could want to eat you for lunch. It just makes sense that our vision prioritizes processing them.”

    Now having a better understanding of why the elderly are driving so poorly, we can work to fix the problem, to get their focus back on the moving objects.


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