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    Research says 40% Will be Drinking at Superbowl XLV

    As most of you are aware, Superbowl XLV is this Sunday. Many of you will be in the comfort of your own home or at a party watching the Superbowl but there are the ‘lucky’ few that get to attend the game. Drinking beer is a part of the atmosphere of sports events and while it is safe, friendly, and fun within your own home while you view the event on TV it may be a different story if you’re actually at the game.

    A recent study has taken a closer look at how many people are leaving the sporting events with booze in their system. While it’s no surprise that many are drinking at the events, a look at the actual numbers of people who may be driving next to you after the games that put you at risk of an accident, injury, or death may be surprising to you.

    You must know that the study that was only for participants who agreed to participate and leaves out the following key information:

    Where the sporting events took place

    Fans that are not legally able to drink

    Which fans were actually going to be driving after the game

    “Researchers approached fans as they left 13 Major League Baseball games and three National Football League games in 2006. The researchers recruited 382 people to participate: 264 after baseball games and 118 after football games. Almost 60 percent of the participants were men and 55 percent were ages 21 to 35. Only 14 percent were 51 and older.”

    Here are the numbers for the study:

    8% of fans who agreed to be tested after a game had over the legal limit amount of alcohol in their system.

    40% had SOME alcohol in their bodies.

    These numbers are surprising to me because I think that it’s more likely that the people who ARE willing to be tested would not have alcohol in their systems and that the realistic numbers are much higher than what’s revealed by the study. Also, just because you are under the legal limit doesn’t mean you’re able to drive at the best of your ability. Let’s just hope that the 60% is driving the other 40% home.

    “The numbers provide insight into how many people leave sporting events with booze on board, Erickson said. In turn, the data could help policymakers figure out how to limit the problem, he said.”


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