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    One Wheeled Motorcycle Embrio Insurance

    We’ve talked about the Uno and the Hornet ‘one wheeled motorcycles’ that actually don’t have one wheel and aren’t ‘dicycles’ at all. The appearance is what makes them seem like one wheeled bikes but in reality they have two wheels right next to each other with just a small space in between.

    In the picture above we’ve got the closest thing we’ve seen to an ACTUAL one wheel motorcycle and it’s the Embrio. The Embrio was designed by Bombardier Recreational Products, an innovative and passionate company that designs powerful recreational vehicles.

    The Embryo has just the one wheel tuckered under the main body of the motorcycle but there is one very small wheel in the front for riding at slow speeds. So it technically is able to ride on just the one wheel but does have two installed on the bike. I think that’s close enough! The bike has two triggers on the handlebars – acceleration on the left and brakes on the right. The electric motorcycle is powered by a hydrogen fuel cell and emits only water. The other feature of this bike is that it’s supposed to be able to sit two people! Better hang on tight!

    The motorcycle was designed and predicted to be a regular on the road by the year 2025. I have a feeling we might see this or something similar before that time.




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