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    The People Speak Out On Crash Tax

    Only two blog posts ago I wrote about Sacramento implementing a crash tax for out of town drivers that were at fault in an accident. The tax has out of town drivers paying for expenses such as fire truck service if a fire is caused by the accident as well as other expenses. While the Sacramento crash tax was set up only for out of town drivers other big cities across the nation are thinking about adding the crash tax to their policies for all of the at-fault drivers in an accident in that city.New York, Denver, and Tulsa are among the bigger cities that are thinking the crash tax would be a good way of making some extra cash.

    When writing the blog post I had wondered about how many people were in favor of such a tax, a tax in place for the sake of gaining some much needed money for the city. Thanks to a recent article from Insurance Journal (our favorite place for insurance news) we’re able to see how many people actually like and dislike the crash tax.

    According to a Harris Interactive Survey conducted for PCI it’s easy to see that a majority of people strongly oppose the tax. Here are some numbers:

    76% of adults believe that the current taxes they pay already cover the cost for the emergency response service that is provided during accidents.

    66% oppose the idea if it leads to an increase in insurance costs.

    70% oppose this idea if only non-residents are charged with the fee.

    40% of people say they would be reluctant to visit an area if the tax was imposed.

    “The crash tax adds insult to injury by victimizing drivers twice – once by being in an unfortunate accident and then again with a fee,” said Robert Passmore, senior director, personal lines for PCI.


    Insurance Journal

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