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    Motorcycle Checkpoints Unfair, Unconstitutional

    New York motorcyclists opened a legal case because they felt that they were being treated unfairly and in a way that is unconstitutional. During motorcycle races and other well organized motorcycle events in New York police would pull over the bikers, and bikers only, to inspect their vehicles for safety […]

    Motorcycles Allowed to Run Red Lights Under Dead Red Bill

    Have you ever been out late at night, you’re the only one on the road and you get to a red light that seems to last forever? You think to yourself, “Is this thing broken?”, “Is it not detecting my car?” “Should I just GO?!” That type of situation is one […]

    Electric Motorcycle vs. Gas Powered Motorcycle; Chip Yates Wins.

    It didn’t seem conceivable that an electric motorcycle could ever be considered an equal to a gas powered motorcycle in terms of speed until Chip Yates of Laguna Niguel, California proved it could be done. Chip Yates is 39 years of age and is an entrepreneur, aerospace engineer and a […]

    OCC Raffle Off Chicago Blackhawks Motorcycle

    Last year on Oct. 13th sales began for raffle tickets that would allow the opportunity to win a Chicago Blackhawks motorcycle done by the one and only Orange County Choppers. The custom built motorcycle was signed by all members of the 2009-2010 Blackhawk championship team and has the team logo displayed […]

    Top 10 Motorcycle Forums by All County Insurance

    Here is my Top 10 list of best Motorcycle Forums in no particular order. These are the forums that I frequent to find the best in motorcycle information. The good thing about motorcycle forums are that they allow the actual bikers to communicate, give opinions, and share stories with one another […]

    Motorist Accused of Updating Facebook While Striking Pedestrian

    A woman struck a man on the side of the road with her vehicle which ultimately led to the pedestrians death. The 70 year old man, Raymond Veloz, was on the side of the road because of a minor traffic accident with ANOTHER vehicle. This minor traffic accident was said […]

    Wyoming Bill to Allow Guns at the Workplace

    A new Wyoming bill will pin two constitutional rights against each other, the right for employers to control their property and the right to hold firearms. There is a safety concern for drivers in Wyoming that travel long distances to work. These drivers feel that they are safe if they […]

    Southern California Jewelry Store Owner Scams Insurance Company

    Lior Bitton, a Los Angeles jewelry store owner, has recently pleaded guilty for scamming an insurance company. Bitton received $99,000 in insurance after claiming one of his 4 carat diamonds was stolen in a robbery back in January. The diamond was never stolen. Bitton received five days in jail, 90 […]

    Could Cost of Insurance Rise for Facebook & Twitter Users?

    An article at Huffington Post has consumers wondering whether they could see their insurance costs rise because of their Facebook and Twitter use. The article states that, an insurance website, explains how Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, Buzz, and other social media networks can greatly increase the risk of theft. There has been a […]

    Valentines Day Danger – Romance Behind the Wheel

    A new poll has revealed that through the duration of a year, one-third of Americans engage in ‘romantic activity’ behind the wheel. An poll shows that 29% of drivers have been involved romantically behind the wheel. The number increases to 39% for highly educated (Bachelors Degree or higher) and […]