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    Harley-Davidson Is Sued After Man Crashes Tri-Glide on a Test Ride

    When looking for a new bike it’s always great fun to go out and test all the different companies and different modeled motorcycles at the dealerships. It’s always great fun unless of course, you crash the bike that you’re test riding.

    Gregory Zenere, a prospective motorcycle buyer thought he had found his dream bike just before crashing during his test ride of the new Harley-Davidson Tri-Glide.

    Both the steering and the brakes were locked up  while attempting to follow a road that was curving to the right according to Zenere. Instead of following the road to the right the ‘faulty’ steering mechanism and brakes took Zenere off the road into the median. After the crash that had left the Tri-Glide on top of the rider and with permanent injury, Zenere decided he was going to sue Harley-Davidson.

    Gregory Zenere filed the lawsuit on Thursday in Cook County Circuit Court.

    Source: CBS

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