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    Next Generation Insurance for New Generation of Customers

    Is it any surprise that the next generation of insurance would have to adapt to the rapidly-changing and evolving technology of today’s world? The internet continues to grow in it’s involvement with the ways businesses operate and as ‘Generation Y’ (18-25 year old’s) begin to start companies of their own they will require more online services in order to work as efficiently as possible.

    A recent study done by the Infogroup | ORC revealed interesting information on Generation-Y and how they would like to conduct future business with insurance companies. “The Small Business Opinion Poll commissioned by Reno, Nev.-based Employers sampled 1,258 consumers. Data was collected through telephone interviews from June 24 to June 27, 2010 at the 95 percent confidence level.”

    The study has revealed the following statistics:

    70% feel that it is very important for their insurance company to be tech-savvy

    – All County Insurance Website

    67% feel that it is very important for their insurance company to be active users of social media

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    86% want free online quoting from their insurance company

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    83% want online customer service

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    81% want online policy management

    – All County Insurance Website

    79% want online payment options

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