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    Menlo Hotel Owner Planned to Burn Down Building

    In a recent blog post I wrote about the worst cases of insurance fraud of 2010, cases that fell into the ‘Insurance Fraud Hall of Shame’. Deaths were caused, people were injured, and extreme amounts of money were lost in the events that took place due to poor choices by greedy people. We’re now a good month into 2011 and we’ve already got some runner ups for the hall of shame for this year. How sad is that?

    One of the cases that made the ‘Insurance Fraud Hall of Shame 2010’ was one in which a New York man burned his apartment building down but also set a woman on fire while doing so.  That same principle was used in this current 2011 insurance fraud case that was set to be carried out by a Menlo Hotel owner in downtown Oakland.

    Menlo Hotel owner, Richard Earl Singer, is now in jail for conspiring to burn down his hotel the same day that he had occupants vacate their rooms. Although Singer had given a letter to occupants asking them to leave their rooms on that day, many occupants remained in the building. These occupants could have suffered injury and even death had Singer’s plan panned out. Fortunately for the occupants, insurance companies, and surrounding buildings, Singer’s plan was found out from a former employee that had a managerial position at the hotel.

    Singer now faces up to 10 years in prison with a $125,000 fine for soliciting arson on his own bug infested, run down hotel.



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