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    Allstate Insurance Discontinues YCA – Your Choice Auto

    Allstate Insurance recently stopped all sales of their ‘Your Choice Auto’ policy. The policy was said to be deceptive and overpriced by non-profit group Consumer Watchdog. The 150,000 existing policies will be completely phased out by the end of the year.

    Allstate started the policy back in 2008 and told customers that it was designed to help people save money by not increasing premiums for future tickets or accidents. The problem was that the initial premium cost 15% more than ‘normal’ policies. That 15% lead to approximately $20 million in extra premium money earned by Allstate.

    Consumer Watchdog came at Allstate with prop 103 to take Allstate to court but instead Allstate decided to stop all sales of the YCA policy.”When we exposed the truth about how this program led good drivers to vastly overpay for insurance, it became clear that the only way for Allstate to comply with the law was to stop selling the YCA policies.”

    Consumer Watchdog has saved Californians around $2 billion dollars in insurance-related costs since 2003.

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