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    Boredom Leading To Auto Accidents

    According to a recent survey boredom is an emotion that may be causing drivers to get into accidents on the road. Aggressive drivers are usually the ones that are paired with auto accidents but this recent study has proved otherwise.

    So how does this work exactly? The researchers say that bored drivers look to stimulate themselves in order to exit their current bored state of mind and they do this by speeding and driving recklessly. Not particularly surprising is the fact that the researchers have paired bored drivers to being young and less experienced behind the wheel.

    Being bored on the road can lead to many other dangerous activities such as using the cell phone to make a call or write a text message. Focusing attention on things other than the road such as freeway accidents and billboards are one of the ways bored people act on their emotions.

    “Efforts to add complexity to the driving experience, either by installing islands or other medians that drivers have to navigate in between opposing lanes of traffic in urban areas, or by removing monotonous barriers along freeways, could help drivers to refocus their attention on the road. Driving is certainly no time for ennui.”


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