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    Recession and Seat Belts Help Number of Road Deaths

    The U.S. is currently experiencing the lowest drop in road deaths since World War II. This amazing discovery has been found through data that shows a 22 percent decline in road deaths between 2005-2009. Since the beginning (1913) of this type of data being recorded, World War II was the only other time  a drop of this significance has occurred.

    85% of people in the U.S. claim they wear their seat belts all the time. The seat belt law that has been introduced in recent years is believed to have contributed to the low number of road deaths. The recession is also having an impact on the number. Not as many people are traveling since the recession and less people driving is less number of road deaths. One of the other contributions to the drop in road deaths is technology such as airbags and in-car safety features.


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