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    The Uno – One Wheel Motorcycle – Insurance

    The Uno is what looks like a one wheel motorcycle that is eco-friendly. It was created by Ben Gulak from Ontario, Canada in 2008. The Uno actually sports two wheels that are very close together and is still considered as a ‘one wheel motorcycle’ to many motorcycle enthusiasts.

    The following is a short description of the Uno: “The vehicle is controlled in forward motion by the rider shifting weight over the centre of gravity. When the rider shifts forward, the vehicle speeds up to regain balance, when the rider leans back, the vehicle slows. Steering is controlled by side-to-side motion of the rider. The vehicle senses this shift and raises one of the two wheels to allow the vehicle to tilt in the desired turn direction.”

    Ben Gulak’s idea quickly became an international sensation and made it easy to grab help and sponsorships from big, well known companies. The Uno is now part of BPG-Motors and is on it’s 3rd revision. This 3rd revision is rightfully known as the Uno III but some call it ‘the first real transformer’ because it can easily change from what looks like the one-wheeled motorcycle to a full fledged normal looking motorcycle with the two wheels that we all know and love. Each position has it’s own purpose. For weaving through tight traffic and small spaces – the compact one wheel Uno is the perfect solution. If you want to hit the high speeds on the open road then the two-wheel is what you’ll want to be riding.

    Ben and BPG Motors are continuing to work on new and exciting projects. I’ll soon do a write up on Ben’s latest project, the DTV Shredder, an all-terrain vehicle.

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