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    Commercial Spaceflight Insurance

    2011 looks to be the year of commercial space travel. Are you ready to drop $30 million on a vacation to the International Space Station? Before you jump to a decision to hop on a shuttle you might ask yourself a few important questions.

    If you can afford it then:

    1) Why should you go?

    2) Which Company should you fly with?

    3) What vehicles are the safest?

    4) Who is a reliable source to get updated space
    tourism information helpful in the decision

    5) How do you register?

    6) Where will you take off from?

    7) When should you start the process?

    The first 3 questions are definitely the most important because they deal with the safety and purpose of your flight. When speaking of safety, insurance will always make it’s way in the conversation. “More and more, there will be takeoffs and landings, and there is risk management of airspace, people, and cargo involved” and “We look forward to working with the insurance community as we develop our products to meet these new requirements (for civilian spaceflight).”

    The first commercial spaceflight tests will begin this summer. Wikipedia is a great source for finding information on commercial spaceflight programs if you can afford and actually want to make the adventure.

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