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    Harley-Davidson Is Sued After Man Crashes Tri-Glide on a Test Ride

    When looking for a new bike it’s always great fun to go out and test all the different companies and different modeled motorcycles at the dealerships. It’s always great fun unless of course, you crash the bike that you’re test riding. Gregory Zenere, a prospective motorcycle buyer thought he had found […]

    Crash Tax for Out-of-Town Drivers

    Sacramento City Council has recently agreed upon implementing a “crash tax” on out of town automobile drivers. This crash tax will have a fire recovery charge making out of town drivers pay to cover the fire department service fees that are involved in the crash. This crash tax will have […]

    Smith Gatta Gelok $20 Million Insurance Scam

    Another insurance scam and another man in jail! This time the man was involved with a New Jersey insurance company that resulted in $20 million being stolen. The New Jersey company was Smith Gatta Gelok that was supposedly in place to help businesses with purchasing commercial insurance. Gavin Gatta, the owner […]

    Menlo Hotel Owner Planned to Burn Down Building

    In a recent blog post I wrote about the worst cases of insurance fraud of 2010, cases that fell into the ‘Insurance Fraud Hall of Shame’. Deaths were caused, people were injured, and extreme amounts of money were lost in the events that took place due to poor choices by […]

    Next Generation Insurance for New Generation of Customers

    Is it any surprise that the next generation of insurance would have to adapt to the rapidly-changing and evolving technology of today’s world? The internet continues to grow in it’s involvement with the ways businesses operate and as ‘Generation Y’ (18-25 year old’s) begin to start companies of their own […]

    House Takeover Leads to Insurance Power Shift

    Leigh Ann Pusey, president and CEO of the American Insurance Association, recently did an interview with Insurance Journal TV and explains how Republicans taking over the House of Representatives last November is a good thing for the insurance industry. “I think it will be an environment that will be a […]

    The Five Myths of ObamaCare

    1. Myth: The health care law provides universal coverage: The health care law will greatly reduce the amount of people uninsured but it will not cover EVERYONE. It is said that by 2019 there will still be 23 million people uninsured and that that number will continue to rise. 2. Myth: If […]

    House Passes Legislation on ObamaCare

    The law that was passed by Congress last year, the “ObamaCare”, will be challenged as the House passed legislation for the reform law to be repealed. As the House is now led by Republicans it doesn’t come to anyone’s surprise that they made the move to rid of the law. […]

    Half of Small Businesses May Drop Health Insurance

    Due to the increase in cost of health insurance 47% of small business say they may drop their insurance. This information was provided through a survey done by Discover’s Small Business Watch.After doing the survey for the past 5 years this year has the highest percentage of small businesses that may […]

    Hornet – One Wheel Motorcycle

    The ‘one wheel motorcycle’ above is the ‘Hornet’ designed by Liam Ferguson. Just like the other motorcycle we recently wrote about this motorcycle only looks as if it has one wheel but actually has two right next to each other. The design of the Hornet compared to the Uno is […]