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    Health Risks for Life Insurers

    1. Blood Pressure – If you’ve got high blood pressure and don’t manage it properly it can affect your life insurance policy.

    2. Diabetes – Diabetes is a serious health risk and can lead to fatal diseases.

    3. Sleep Apnea – Sleep apnea poses a risk in several ways. Driving a motor vehicle as a person that suffers from sleep apnea can lead to disastrous results. Sleep apnea has also been affiliated with other health problems such as high blood pressure.

    4. Heart Disease – Heart disease is another very serious health risk that life insurers take a close look at. It’s very hard to document the severity of heart disease and to tell when a heart-attack can occur. A family history is one way an insurer can get a better clue to make decisions regarded the life insurance policy.

    5. Asthma – Asthma is not as serious as some of the other health risks stated here but can still be an issue if not taken care of properly. Very few deaths are related to asthma and only if you disregard the doctors orders, turn around and do the opposite, and truly want to put yourself in harms way will asthma pose a big risk.

    6. Cancer – Cancer is one of the more controversial and harder health risks to deal with personally and financially. The insurance policy relies on a large number of different factors such as: The kind of cancer, the stage, the treatment, etc. “Within the industry, there are going to be some cancers that are going to be preferred, some that are uninsurable and some that will fall in between.”

    7. Obesity – Obesity has been a growing problem in America and it can also be a potential problem when it comes to insurance. Determining a persons risk class by calculating their body mass index is done by insurance companies. Being underweight is also taken into account as being a possible health risk.

    8. Depression – Depression is a serious mental health problem that is looked at closely by insurers. When depression is extreme the possibility of suicide is more likely.

    9. High Cholesterol – “The concern with high cholesterol is that it is a risk factor for the development of a lot of vascular conditions, including coronary artery disease, stroke and other atherosclerotic kinds of disease.”

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