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    Vacant Homes Pose Insurance Risks

    With the obvious boost in short sales in California in the past few years the number of vacant homes have also been on the rise. Selling a home is not the easiest task in the current economy and if one can’t sell a home but they’ve got to leave for a new destination on short notice that home gets left unoccupied.  These vacant homes can sit there for months and even years to be filled. In the months and years that these homes sit still lies a potential risk for damage and several other home-related problems that can cause the home to stay on the market even longer.

    Some of the problems have been addressed by Steve Poizner:

    · Break-ins: When a home has been unoccupied for awhile, it can show signs that nobody is around – unkept lawn, full mailbox, and no lights on – that can tip off burglars to an easy target.

    · No emergency response: Without anyone home to call 911 or respond to emergencies, a manageable problem – such as a small electrical fire – can turn into a much larger, more costly disaster.

    The regular homeowners insurance doesn’t cover these types of problems while the home is vacant so the owners must get special insurance policies to fit their specific needs until the home is finally sold. Make sure to contact your insurance agent to find out what you need to do to keep your home safe until sold while it’s vacant!

    Information for article provided by Steve Poizner.

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