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    Tips For Driving Safely During the Holidays

    Today is the most dangerous day to drive in California so I thought some tips for driving safely during the holidays would make for a good blog. This time of season there are many drivers rushing to get their shopping done and the weather in which they drive is more harsh. People are traveling long distances to spend time with their loved ones for the holidays and they’re more at risk to be a part of an accident.

    Beware of the Weather: You should be very aware of the weather in which you’re going to drive. Check the weekly forecast and make a decision on which day to do your driving based on that. Make sure to drive at a cautious speed during the snow and the rain and if you’re having a hard time with seeing the road pull over to a safe spot immediately.

    No Drinking & Driving: As obvious as it is people still go ahead and do it, so people like me will continue to go ahead and tell people not too! There will be lots of holiday parties and get togethers with wine, alcoholic egg nog, beer, and liquor! Some of these drink choices seem innocent compared to others but they’re all the same on the road! If you want to enjoy the festivities AND drink then make sure you have somebody else drive or that you can stay at the location of the party until it’s safe for you to drive.

    Traffic & Road Rage: There will be plenty of traffic out on the roads so you need to stay alert and be patient. A lot of drivers try and squeeze between traffic so that they can get to the malls quicker. Don’t lose your cool! Making gestures or expressing vocal disagreement with another driver can cause road rage, accidents, physical altercations and even cause more traffic if somebody decides to get out of the car to handle their problem. If somebody expresses rage towards you on the road I would advise you to try and ignore it as much as possible so that you can get to your destination carefully.

    Be Courteous & Respectful To Other Drivers On The Road: Everyone is on the road together and it’s more than likely that your not the only one that is running late for something or needs to get to the store at a specific time to get a specific gift for that specific someone. Don’t block others from getting in lanes, don’t tail gate, and don’t honk if you don’t have too! Respect others on the road! After all, this is the season of joy, happiness, and giving!

    Be careful on the roads and have a wonderful holiday season!

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