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    The President Comments On Auto Insurance

    President Obama Comments (Or Makes Up A Story) About Auto Insurance

    The following video was found through Instapundit and was originally posted on theblogproof. I know the video is old but it’s still great for a laugh.


    theblogproof had this to say about Obama’s auto-insurance story, “One of the options people get regarding car insurance is collision coverage; that is, if you do get collision coverage (and comprehensive), you get your car fixed up in case of accident minus a deductible. If you choose not to have collision coverage and go with liability only, then you are responsible for your car in case of accident. Obama appears to not understand the simple concept of collision coverage that he didn’t choose to have in his youth”

    Many comments were  made on the blog the fact that if Obama was rear-ended then it was the other driver that was at fault and their liability insurance should have covered for the damage done to his old beat up car. Interesting story Mr. President!

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