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    Considering Insurance When It Comes To Choosing A Dog For You or Your Family

    According to an article on, depending on what breed of dog you own, the dog could cause a raise in your insurance costs. Certain dog breeds that have been known to be aggressive, show a history of frequent biting, and also show up regularly on research conducted by the Centers for Disease Control studies can potentially put your insurance rates at risk.

    All insurance companies handle the situation differently. Many dog owners are opposed to insurers ‘discriminating’ against certain dog breeds. American Kennel has brought up the case that dogs can be helpful regarding insurance, claiming that some dogs can be great for guarding a house to prevent potential theft.

    Whether the insurance company you choose decides to raise your cost based on the breed of your dog or not, Bankrate has given a list of top 11 ‘bad dogs’. You may want to try considering insurance costs when it comes to choosing a  new dog!

    1. Akita – A powerfully built dog that was originally bred to hunt bears in Japan! If this thing can hunt bears it might be a bit dangerous if not properly trained! Helen Keller was credited with bringing Akitas to the United States.

    2. Alaskan Malamute – A very strong breed, these pups are known for being Arctic sled dogs.

    3. Chow Chow – A very powerful and independent breed! If not carefully trained the dog can get unpredictable and even dangerous.

    4. Doberman Pinscher – One of the most reliable dogs, the Pinscher has an extremely quick response to danger.

    5. German Shepherd – This ‘police dog’ is known for its courage, steadfastness and keen senses.

    6. Pit Bull – “The Pit Bull makes the hard-to-insure list in part because of what some owners cite as its history of being selectively bred specifically to create the ultimate canine gladiator.”

    7. Presa Canario – The Presacanario is a natural guard dog that has a powerful shape and packs a frightening bark.

    8. Rottweiler – A very intelligent dog with a strong guarding instinct.

    9. Siberian Husky – As beautiful as these dogs are they are a big dog and one that needs an owner to keep them in control.

    10. Staffordshire Bull Terrier – An extremely intelligent dog with a powerful build and a jaw with amazing force.

    11. Wolf Hybrid – Wolf Hybrids or “Wolfdogs” are actually illegal in many places and are very unpredictable and unstable in their behavior.

    For any insurance needs that you may have contact Mike Spicer at All County Insurance.

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